MIRCC Board is granted Order for Summary Judgment on August 10, 2017

On Thursday August 10, the Board appeared in Snohomish County Superior court as a plaintiff in a Summary Judgment hearing vs Michael Kelly. The Board filed the Motion for Summary Judgment with the county in order to recoup past due road assessments from Kelly.

Both sides presented arguments to the Superior Court Judge during the hearing. The result was the following:

"The Court finds Michael Kelly is obligated to pay road maintenance dues as a property owner that must utilize plaintiff's road to access his property. Accordingly, judgment shall be entered for past maintenance dues and fees in the amount of $4,799.65 and costs and attorney's fees in the amount of $17,183.64.

Plaintiff may foreclose on its lien."

Details of the Order for Summary Judgment can be found in the recorded document attached to this post or in the Snohomish County recorded documents. 

Summary_Judgment_Order_MIRCC_v_Kelly.pdf104.25 KB