MIRCC Board prevails in contempt suit presented before Judge Wynne on Friday, June 10, 2016

On Friday June 10, the Board was ordered to appear before Snohomish County Superior court to prove that it was not in contempt of the court’s Class Action Decree and Findings and Conclusions recorded in 2009. The motion was brought by Ron Sims and corroborated by Bill Stehl and Cameron Elias.   

Sims’ motion alleged that the Board violated the court’s 2009 decision with its billing for road maintenance and administrative fees; maintaining roads and facilitating access to community roads and beaches; and conducting annual elections. Sims’ motion also requested that the court award legal fees for bringing the suit.

MIRCC prevailed on all issues and was found to not be in contempt by Judge Wynne. Wynne was supportive of the Board using its discretion in determining the best course of action for the community in the face of the mudslide and other unprecedented situations since his 2009 ruling.

The Board’s response to the motion for contempt also requested that MIRCC’s attorney fees be paid by Sims for having to respond to the claim. Wynne did not award legal fees to be paid by Sims.

Details of the judge's decision and more information regarding the contempt motion will be discussed at the next Board of Directors meeting on July 9th.