All Land owners who access MIRCC over the Canyon Falls Bridge please arrange to receive Key Cards.

Important Reminder to "ALL" MIRCC Property Owners

Old manual gate codes will "no longer open the gate" after October 31. Codes are being replaced by Key Cards. 

If you have not received your new Key Card PLEASE arrange to do so before Oct 31st.


  • See Mark Haenlein at 51229 South Riverside Road 360-793-2239
  • Call Mark Bollman at 206-940-8855
  • For special needs and temporary manual codes email
  • All Commercial Codes will remain effective
  • Renters Please coordinate with Land owners to receive Key Cards.

Gate policies and procedures-New Post/Thread

NEW THREAD I have been in contact with the BOD re policies and procedures for controlling ingress and egress at the Hi way 2 gate. They are off to a good start and are implementing rules and ideas that will keep all of us a whole lot safer. Ive been doing this for many years, and they are taking the right, ordered steps. It will take some time though as we are talking about a different set of rules for each requested kind of user of entrance rights. Owners, vendors, renters, visitors, temporary contractors, etc will all have different protocols. If we go the current route of indiscriminately handing out blanket codes, then anybody with a pulse will get a code, which is exactly what we don't want if we wish to keep certain elements out of our community. I don't mind the rules if they keep me from getting ripped off again. I want to be able to leave my property freely, not being concerned about coming back to a lot of vandalism, theft, and other discouraging invasions of my privacy and property. I am sure that we all want this, so lets observe the process and make it work for all parties to the betterment and safety of our MIR community. Be patient, as this stuff DOES take some time. And give the BOD positive and well thought out suggestions as to what your and our needs are so policies are developed and evolved around procedures that meet everybody's reasonable expectations. Nobody wants to exclude any persons who have a viable reason to be on site. So give your ideas to Earl via the MIR site and I know he and the rest of the BOD will put them into the mix of questions and requests. Thanks