Cameron Elias is putting a together a TEAM for Pot Hole filling starting with the access road from US-2 to the Canyon Falls Bridge and on into E-sec. Date:  this coming Saturday the 10th @10 am. Our Friends in G-sec are also asking for Volunteers to help as well.

Last time “TEAM POT HOLE” worked well together and accomplished a great deal in a short time. Hopefully it will work equally as well this coming Saturday and the camaraderie well continue to build with or neighbors in G-sec.

If you would like to join TEAM POT HOLE please contact the following people:

Cameron Elias       360-793-4982 

Tom Grenier           360-799-2363

Dave MacFarlane  360-793-1887

TEAM POT HOLE requests the following when work is being performed on the roads.

Always be respectful and considerate toward TEAM POT HOLE and make sure that they acknowledge your location on the roadway and wave you by before passing them.

When the tractor is working please make sure that the tractor operator acknowledge’s you and waves you by.

This will help with safety on the road, and insure no fast movements which could result in a collision. 

A polite “wave” as a gesture of “Thanks” is always welcome.


As always, thanks to the Volunteers of TEAM POT HOLE for a smooth ride!!