There have been a number of volunteers who have contributed to various work projects in the community this fall.  Their efforts have been significant, saved the community lots of dollars and contributed to our driving and lifestyle comfort.

Jim Derowitz has been filling potholes in E-section all fall, as needed, using his tractor to move material to the needed locations.

Greg Parks has hand shoveled material into his pickup and then filled potholes on Alder Loop and the main road.

Jeff Smith has been coordinating with Snohomish County PUD to get a troublesome power pole moved out of the path of the landslide and to a safer location.  This is the pole that caused so many outages last winter.

Paul brought his portable welder to the gate location, raised the gate above snow level and strengthened the hinge design.  Hopefully we won’t have any more problems with a sagging and dragging gate.

Jay Karlstrom has been using Rex Harmon’s tractor to move material and fill potholes on the access road to E-section all summer and fall. 

A number of A-section folks have stepped up to help manage the road work and coordinate with the USFS in that area.

Many thanks to all those who are helping to make this season as safe and comfortable as possible!

Don’t be shy about helping out.  I see lots of culverts that need cleaning out and there will always be potholes.  If you have a talent you could lend to the community please let a board member know.

Submitted by Mark Haenlein

Pothole filling Decmber 1st 2014

Thanks to the past and half-dozen pothole volunteers seen today on the high-roads. You covered alot of ground ! How can I / we find out about future days where this will take place and be ready to lend a hand ? Huge thanks also to Fred, for the gravel and grindings donations, as I understand it.