President Mark Bollman's email to A-sec owners

Greetings A-section Neighbors:
Thank you to everyone who attended the focus group meeting last weekend.  As I mentioned on Saturday, the MIRCC Board of Directors asked me to appoint a four-person committee to focus on the road maintenance needs below Sunset Falls.  After careful consideration I've asked these four outstanding community members to work together with A-section owners and report back to the board with specific recommendations:
Gary Hubbard:  full-time resident, retired and living on the main road at beginning of community.
Patty Harbaugh:  non-resident and long-time board member from Loop Road.
CJ Holmes:  from Paytan Creek Road
Mat Williams:  from Sertz Road
I believe these four individuals represent a diverse cross-section of your community and I hope you will consider working closely with them if you have specific suggestions they should bring to the MIRCC Board of Directors to vote on.