Volunteer Road work needed

You may have noticed that although the roads in both A-section and E-section are in relatively good shape, there hasn't been a lot of maintenance done this summer.  After  slide mitigation and the new bridge not a lot of funds remain to carry us through any fall natural disaster, snow plowing, etc. 
Consequently road maintenance will be kept to a minimum this fall.  With some volunteer help we can still keep the roads in good shape and do the maintenance necessary to deal with the fall rains and winter snow.
Piles of asphalt grindings have been dumped along the road at various spots in both A-section and E-section.  These are there for volunteers to use to fill potholes.  Shovel the material in the hole, mound it slightly and compact if with your feet.
Brushing and weed whacking of the road shoulders is always needed.  Let's try and get all the shoulders, ditches and culverts cleaned and ready for rain runoff and snowplowing.  If everybody would do their own property and any adjacent untended lot frontages that would be fantastic.  Culverts spanning driveways,  particularly, should be checked for clogging debris.  Any low, overhanging limbs that might interfere with the snowplow should be trimmed.  MIR road ownership extends at least 25' each side of the center line of the road so feel free to brush and clean up to the outer ditch line.
A huge amount of effort by a small group of people went into slide work and bridge building this year.  Now everybody can contribute by helping to  maintain the road and adjacent shoulders this fall. 
Through the generosity of a G-section resident we have been offered several loads of road gravel, free of charge, to be delivered next week.  You will see them either dumped or spread at either end of the E-section road.  Two volunteers with tractors will spread the gravel on the road. 
Thanks for listening and see you on the road, weed whacker in hand!
Mark Haenlein
Road Liason