Wahoo!!!!! The Bridge is open for Traffic!


Exit to the right off SR-2 east bound at mile 36.6,  stay to the left when the road forks, when you come to the gate enter code on the key pad mounted on the post on the left just before the gate  (gate opens slowly) and continue about .7 mile to the bridge.

Please abide by the 10 MPH speed limit and yield to Trucks. Fish Trucks for the Trap and Haul Facility at Sunset Falls makes numerous trips per day up and down the road before you reach the gate, so using extreme caution is advised. Somedays the truck makes as many as two trips per hour.

The bridge is “one lane”. Stop and make sure no vehicles are on the bridge coming in the opposite direction of your travel before you proceed onto the bridge.

Please travel at low speeds 10 MPH to the gate, 15 MPH on the road to the bridge and 10 MPH across the Bridge.

We all need to respect the owners of the private road who have granted easements for use. These owners request slow speeds and to keep the road clear of litter and garbage. If we abuse the road in anyway our easements will be revoked. 

Remember the gate opens automatically when you exit, approach the gate slowly and leave room for it to swing towards you.

If you have not received your gate code email mircc@mountindexriversites.com for a response.



Weight limit on the bridge?

I've noticed that there's no weight limit signs posted for the bridge. I need to have a septic pumper come up to my property... are they going to be able to get their pumper tank truck over the bridge?

I'm curious too about larger fire trucks... I've seen on the news that some fire districts won't allow their larger trucks to cross bridges that aren't marked with weight limits. Is that a problem with this bridge?


Bollman and Slusser speak out


Thank you Earl for all that you did to make this bridge a reality!  It is absolutely wonderful.