Friday was a day of celebration and a big day of construction!  

The nose of the Bridge touched down on the west side (slide side) of the river Friday late afternoon. 

As the remainder of the permanent sub-structure is built and attached on the east side and pushed over the river, sections of the 70’ light weight launch nose will be removed until the complete sub-structure is across the river. Then the bridge will be lowered a few feet onto the concrete abutments, this work is scheduled to be complete by next Tuesday afternoon.  

There is still much work to be accomplished after the bridge is in place and attached to the concrete abutments.  The steel-driving surface (decking) will be placed atop the sub-structure. All the cribbing and shoring that was necessary for the roller system must be removed.  A small amount of concrete will be poured on the top of the abutments to bring them square and even with the driving surface. Then the approaches will be built using eco-blocks and gravel, to connect the driving surface of the bridge to the roadway on both sides of the river.

The construction will enter into a time period similar to when the roller system was installed when it seemed like progress was very slow. We may all feel like “what is taking so long” but this is standard for this bridge type project.  

Currently anticipating completion between Aug. 8th and 16th