I received a  phone call from Dave Faigin about an hour ago. He is talking with his Attorney tomorrow about revoking the MIRCC license for use of the ATV Trail, because of people using the trail with cars and trucks. There is presently a truck stuck on the side of the trail up against a couple of trees, which is preventing it from sliding into the river. Dave said we have a Board member using the ATV trail in a black pick up. He thinks the damage to his land is going to be more than the $3000 we have approved to remove the trail. 

He wanted to know what steps the MIRCC Board was taking to act in accordance with our license to use the trail. I ensured Dave that there are on going discussions to remedy the issues of cars and trucks on the ATV trail. We are going to be faced with loosing our right to use the ATV trail if we talerate the use by cars and trucks. Dave asked me why we allowed a Board member to use the trail, in a truck.

I ensured Dave that MIRCC will support him in restoring his land and we will take action to eliminate cars and trucks on the trail.

Tomorrow morning we will be looking into narrowing up the trail.

I realize that everyone's patience is growing thin waiting for the Bridge. It's too bad that the Bridge construction was delayed by the opposition, and even by a few Board members. 

We are only weeks away from the bridge, so we need to continue to be patient and hold our heads high.  Work together as a community, and help and support those who need help. PLEASE,  try and help those who are driving their cars and trucks on the trail to get their needed supplies in. 

For those who are driving the ATV trail with cars and trucks, you are putting the Entire Community at risk of losing the use of the trail, please stay off the trail and pay the minimum  $50 or $100 per month and use the Bridge when it is completed. It is just not fair that a few are putting the Entire Community at risk. It's going to cost MIRCC funds that are needed for the Bridge to narrow up the ATV trail. 

Remember OSO?  Yes, they have a road now but they received Government funds. We here at Index were turned down  by the Government and received no funds! It's only through the efforts of the Board that we have coordinated community loans and a partnership with the PUD that we have been able to construct a Bridge. 

Please respect the efforts and accomplishments of the many who have set aside their time to make the Bridge a reality.
Thank You!

Earl Van Buskirk

Earl wrote: " It's too bad

Earl wrote: " It's too bad that the Bridge construction was delayed by the opposition, and even by a few Board members."
Earl, I am going to ask you one more time to knock off the passive-aggressive crap. There is not one board member who has delayed bridge construction and you know it. If you want to accuse somebody of something, spell it out and be honest about it. I am sick of being painted as anti-bridge when I have worked tirelessly to help make it happen. Asking questions such as "When do the permits expire?" and "Are we sure we are building on MIR land and not on BNSF land?" is the intelligent thing to do. I have single-handedly avoided at least three lawsuits in MIR's future. I have spent countless hours running errands and getting prescriptions and groceries and picking up and dropping off neighbors who need help east of the slide. I just don't feel the need to brag about it.
You are so busy giving speeches and thanking your buddies and patting yourself on the back that you overlook the fact that all the board wants from you is the truth. You were not even going to tell any of us that the easements on the access road are only temporary, were you?! Was that extra special Executive Committee information only? Give me a break! Sliding a massive and oh so permanent Cost Share contract with PUD through without even allowing the board to vote on it is beyond the pale. You have some nerve to refer to it as passing unanimously.
I have friends east of the slide and I would never delay their access. It is the duty of every board member to assess each situation before us and ask intelligent questions and spend our neighbor's money as carefully as we would our own. I can hold my head high at every board meeting and serve this community with dedication and integrity. In any other setting, I would be thanked for keeping MIR out of civil court for years to come. I do not need thanks, but I do not need any more crap from you, either. LK


Lynn Kelly will live with the thought that her meddling(i.e., halting work) of Mark Hopkins efforts to stabilize the hill(in March 2014) and provide water run-off
might have precipitated the massive collapse of the hillside. It's out of sight and out of mind to Lynn, she doesn't live there. But the people
on Falls Place road have to stare at it and wonder, was this entirely due to weather events or was it also exacerbated by a loco board member looking for attention.
Lynn will have much attention for a long time.

Dan Harrison

July 21 2014, Can't blame Mr. Faigin one bit.

Can't blame Mr. Faigin one bit. Seems to me he's fought and lost more over this "event" than anyone up here. He granted us an alternate, though not required, and now his self-privileged neighbors are "taking" even more. I've stopped and spoken to more than a couple auto-trespassers and of course they all had a self-reasonable excuse. On a similar subject, I see many non-emergency/utility private vehicles parked at the turn-around at the trailhead. Seems it was requested long ago to keep this area clear for Fire, EMS, the Sheriff and utility vehicles. Thanks again Earl,
Scott H