Bridge Construction has started!


Equipment was deliverd on Monday.  Today, Tuesday two loads of the Steel Bridge were delivered.
Construction of the Abutments is underway and three more loads of Steel Bridge parts will arrive 
next Wednesday or Thursday. Concrete will be poured next week. Bridge rollers will be postioned 
starting July 7th and the Bridge should start being launched (rolled)  across the river on or about the 10th of July.
Completetion is scheduled for the end of July! 
WOW the project is underway! Thanks so much to all who have worked so hard and paid their fair share for making
it all come together.

Will they have to pour

Will they have to pour concrete on this side of the river? If so, how do they plan on getting it over here?

Ok, wait, in writing that, I remembered that I have seen concrete pumped farther than that, on construction sites, before. So maybe they plan on just pumping it across the river.

It's going to be interesting to see how they do this entire thing! :)

Thanks Earl....

Can progress pictures be posted at some point?

Thanks for all the hard work out there.

Brady Barkey
...close to, but never at my Wits End.

The Bridge Project

thanks for the update earl
We appreciate all of your volunteer hours to make this a reality. We should have some kind of opening ceremony when the first member vehicle crosses the bridge.

That first vehicle should be driven by you!!!!

Thanks again.

Ben Keith

Sunset Falls Retreat

Thank you Earl! Well done my

Thank you Earl!

Well done my friend. Plenty of us had all of our chips on the table - that you could make the bridge happen. Time to start planning parties, and get MIR back on track!