Bridge Update

Update to the Community on Canyon Falls Bridge Construction

All aspects of the final details for bridge construction have been progressing well over the past few weeks.
There is still much to coordinate and many last minute details to accomplish. We are presently determining a
schedule for a construction start date. We have held a pre construction conference with Snohomish County
building department and Washington State department of Fish and Wildlife at the site of the new bridge. 
When all the last minute details are coordinated we will have a more firm completion date,
however our best estimate for Bridge completion right now is the 31st of July. 
The Board is developing a plan for allowing those who are members that have paid their road assessments to
have access through the gate for bridge use. Non payers will need to pay their assessments before access to
the gate, which is on a private road not owned by MIRCC, will be allowed.

gate issues

Nothing has been decided for sure but a committee is working out a plan that will be as fair as possible to every body. I can say with some surety that if you are making regular payments you will not be denied access. One current idea is that if you make a payment of one 12th of the amount owed or $50., which ever is greater, you are good. If you skip payments you will need to catch up before you will have access again. These are only ideas that are being discussed. As far as vandalism, yes, we expect the gate to be vandalized at some point. The current gate has been several times. But we are going to upgrade lighting, cameras and remote monitoring and recording abilities and have the Snohomish County Sheriffs on alert. It will be a challenge to monitor this program but it is only fair to those who consistently pay their assessments that we do everything possible to collect money from those who haven't been paying. Approximately 80 owners out of 230 never pay their assessments. Hope this answers a few questions.

Mark Haenlein

Grace period

There has also been talk about a grace period where people can access their property for a given amount of time before the gate is locked. This will help with removing garbage, filling propane, and getting anything done to your property that you have not been able to do because of the slide. This will hopefully give people some time to also save up and pay any assessment or regular road dudes that are outstanding. Just another idea that is being kicked around the board.


P. S. the timeline for this grace period has not been decided so I encourage everyone to come to our monthly meeting and provide input, the sooner the better.

My dilemma- Nanette Brown

I WAS a full time resident above the slide, prior to the great catastrophe. My dues were paid in full, up to date. I was not one of the few who could afford to stay above the slide these last 6 months and wait it out. I had to move in order to keep up with my life. Ironically enough, it costs quite a bit to be homeless and then find someplace else to live all while working, going to school, etc. This is why I have been unable to come up with the extra money for the special assessment and dues. It is easy to find the comitragedy in that even though I have been gladly paying these past years that when I am having financial hardship because I can't live in my own home, that I might now not get to go back home because I had to afford living elsewhere in order to feed myself and pay my bills, including the bills I still have to pay for the home I cannot access. And I have to agree with Jeff about the credit card. As much as I would like to be able to, I just don't have the full amount on me. I guess I'll just have to save up, even though saving would be an easier task living in my own place, but since I am going to be denied access...see the Catch-22 loop-cycle I'm caught in?


Please call I would be glad to discuss your situation, you and all owners need to get across the bridge. 
Earl Van Buskirk 206-300-9800

Nannette, Please contact


Please contact someone on the board.

For instance, Earl Van Buskirk, @ 206-300-9800

I have a feeling that as long as you make payments toward getting paid up, you are going to be able to get access past the gate and over the bridge.

So if you have an agreement with them, you'd be able to get back to your property, and resume living and paying the way you did before.

Don't quote me, because I have no idea if they have any sort of official policy of the sort.

I -can- say that I hope the board works out some sort of official policy regarding making payments, if you just can't afford the whole thing. And makes that policy, public knowledge.


I don't have to share this, but I will. My personal approach is going to be to pay the bridge assessment as quickly as possible. (I'll have to make two or three payments. And I have already made the first payment.) Then just start paying a fixed amount every month, until all of my old fees are paid up.


This would be made easier if they would remove all the extra fees for filing, and 'late fees', and all that, and just let me pay the principle.

I know they wouldn't have to. But maybe as a one time gesture of good will, drop everyone's bills back to just the principle, original amount.

If it gets people to pay... Well it would certainly be better to have the principle, than nothing at all. LOL

Bridge Access

This is coming from the same guy (Earl) that just a few months ago was telling us all that he was all about this community, he even stood with his back to the board and spoke with the community, NOW is telling the same community that he is going to shut down the ATV trail to access and then will deny those who have been stuck without access to their homes and cabins for 6 months any future access, if you don't pay you can't get out. When those pissed off people vandalize that bridge or gate I say Earl should pay for the repair.

In a post on another forum, I

In a post on another forum, I suggested that if someone stole your television, burning down your house so they can't steal anything else, is not exactly the smartest thing to do.

By the same token...

If someone wants to cross the bridge and cannot... Vandalizing the bridge is not exactly the smartest thing to do.

The Smartest thing to do!

Jeff In all the years I have been here SMART is not top of the list of actions I have seen.

Something we can agree on.

Something we can agree on.

One board members opinion

We have not decided on any permanent plan of action as of yet. As one board member, I am open to the idea of case by case situations of people paying their assessments. Our bookkeeper does take credit cards so you can always make payments through your credit card company. The main problem is that every dollar that goes into your assessment goes to the road, and this bridge is expensive and we all need to pay. Only people beyond the slide pay for the bridge.

Thank you Julia.I don't have

Thank you Julia.

I don't have a credit card. If I did, I wouldn't use it to make a payment. Typically if you borrowed against a credit card for say 30 thousand dollars... (No I don't owe that much. It's an arbitrary number. LOL) You will end up paying back 120 thousand dollars. At least. I don't see the sense in that.

The only way you wouldn't, is if you paid the credit card back immediately. Or quickly, in very large sums. And if you have the money to do that, why wouldn't you just make the payment to MIRCC in the first place?


I would like to know what the official policy is about the payments.

I'll be frank with you. I have been making arrangements to pay the special assessment that I "Owe" toward the bridge. The full amount in probably 2 to 3 payments.

But if I pay that special assessment, cannot afford to pay off the rest of what I owe... And then I am denied access anyway... Well, what is the point in paying anything at all. Why would I want to pay for something that I am not allowed to use?

You say: "The Board is

You say:

"The Board is developing a plan for allowing those who are members that have paid their road assessments to have access through the gate for bridge use. Non payers will need to pay their assessments before access to the gate, which is on a private road not owned by MIRCC, will be allowed."

My question is this.

Is the property owner required to pay up every bit of the road assessments, before being given access?

Or will they be given access if they are at least trying, and are paying something. Especially towards the special assessment for the bridge?

It looks like you are saying the former.