New Canyon Falls Bridge use to be Restricted

On June 7 the MIRCC board voted unanimously to develop a plan to restrict upslider access over the new bridge and access road to those who have fully paid or are making regular payments toward their assessments.  There is currently a coded gate near the beginning of the access road, off SR2, which is currently used by G-section.  The board is developing a plan in which only those who are current or making regular assessment payments will be given the code to the gate. 
It is anticipated that this plan will be enacted when the new bridge is opened.
The board feels that all upslider property owners should contribute to the cost of the new bridge and maintenance of the road to their property.  Currently there are approximately 80 upslide owners who are chronic non-payers.  Recovery of even a portion of the money owed would relieve some of the burden on those who do pay regularly.


YES, Thank you !


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