Questions for the Land Locked (above the Slide owners)


Special Assessments were  billed at $100,000 to date we have collected $52,500.
98 of the 230 land locked owners have paid.
The questions are:
How can non payers be encouraged to pay?
If half are paying for the bridge how do we encourage non payers to pay after the bridge is in?
Please comment so we can depermine how the community feels.

How can non payers be encouraged to pay?

I have paid the Special assessment, but I don't think the board will provide any benefit for my lot and for the other 11 lot owners on Falls Place road.
The bridge really does not serve our need for access to Falls Place road.
PUD has now placed a new power pole in the center of the switchback leading into Falls place road.
You ask 'How can non payers be encouraged to pay?' It needs to be explained, to Falls place owners, just what benefit exists since lots are inaccessible by vehicle.

The MIR board promised in the April meeting to discuss the issue of Falls place owner assessments. The President then deferred the discussion for the May meeting, but again was not discussed. Kicking the can down the road doesn't instill goodwill.

Dan Harrison

How can non payers be encouraged to pay?

Every idea you have comes out of my pocket, I wish some of you would remember that. Our place is above the slide and we have always paid our dues. But as of late the descisions being made with this new board is concerning, The road chair allows the contractor to dig a mountian of mud with no guarantees of success and against those with experience in mud slides, That was my first WOW thats how they spend our money, Then you tell the community we need to give our easement rights to PUD so they will help pay for the bridge so we all can have access to the outside, but here you are again asking for loans from people so we can get this bridge onsite, where was the emergency with bringing in PUD.
My answer to your question is I simply don't like the way this board is rapiding wasting alot of our dollars. And I don't trust this new boards direction.