Flyer that was placed on the cars at the Sunset Falls Parking lot yesterday


Hi Upsliders!!!!
The MIR board is working on moving forward on the bridge project.
Unfortunately, there is currently not enough money available for the installation
If you haven’t paid your regular and special assessments, please do so now to help put us over the top.
Partial payments will be accepted.
If you have already paid, THANKS!
If you have any questions about the project, you can follow on the MIR website at “” or call Mark or Bonny at 360-793-2239
Just in the last thres days there has been $15,000 post to the MIRCC bank account, so we're seeing the funds build on a daily bases. Thanks!!
Many people have asked if they can pay via Credit Card. The answer is YES! For those earning air miles you may prefer the credit card method. Just call your Balance Sheet Northwest and ask for Margaret, phone 425-353-5100. We can accept Visa, Master Card and Amex. If you want to know if your assessment has been received and posted to your account correctly, you may email and someone from their office will respond.