Dear Editor, In the recent article of May 14 by Chris Hendrickson: “Bridge to landslide area likely, but opposition grows”, residents of the Canyon Falls Home Owners Association (CFHOA) in the G section community on the north side of the river where characterized as seeming callus to the plight of their 250 neighbors blocked from access to their property by the Index mudslide on the south side of the Skykomish River. It seems hard to imagine that the opinions of those G section property owners that were interviewed for this story could possibly be representative of all of the G section community members. Every concern that was raised in this story focused on what the residents of G section might lose if this bridge is replaced, most notable among them was their treasured privacy. In light of the devastating mudslides that have occurred this year in Snohomish County it is hard to imagine that the majority of G section residents could actually possess such a NIMBY attitude during this challenging time. These residents certainly know that if the proverbial shoe were on the other foot……or mudslide on the other side of the river…..they could just as easily be dependent on the good will and cooperation from their neighbors to the south. Most of the G section residents must have been very disappointed by being cast in such a negative light. Perhaps a future article might be written that more accurately captures the empathy a majority of the G section residents must feel toward the plight of the residents on the south side of the river. Don Larsen, Mount Index Riversites Community Club