Loan Program from Property owners is proving successful! Thank You!!


Mark Haenlein is coordinating this successful program! He has gathered over 10 commitments with more to follow. This is an excellent way to help your Community build the BRIDGE and gain access to our valuable properties. The more successful this program is the faster we can construct the BRIDGE. An over view of the loan program: Loans of $10,000 amortized over 4 years at 5.75% interest. Pay back monthly starting July 1st for 48 months at $233.71 per month. Thanks to those who have so graciously commented to helping the community with their commitments. We all should be grateful to know that we are such a resourceful community, that steps up when we are in this great need! Thank you! If you have questions on the loan program please contact Mark Haenlein 360-793-2239 or Earl Van Buskirk 206-300-9800. If you would consider a $5,000 loan please contact us as well.