From the Department of Emergency Management

The message below is going out right now to the community via Reverse 911, part of our advanced warning strategy.   Feel free to forward via email as you see fit.  (It is written phonetically, per the needs of the software, so forgive the way it may read).  The goal here is to make sure people call 911 for “emergencies” and (if they choose to leave), that they can call 211 for non-emergency assistance such as temporary shelter or food via our coordinating partners… 211 would route them to the Red Cross or other local volunteer organizations.

 "This is the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management with an update on the Mount Index Road Landslide.      Road conditions continue to deteriorate.  This slide is considered unpredictable and dangerous.     Snohomish County respectfully requests that residents consider the safety of their families and neighbors.        Please continue to plan for further isolation of parts of the Mt. Index community.       For medical and law enforcement emergencies within the community,      please continue to call nine-one-one.     If you or your family choose to leave Mt. Index Road,    please contact two-one-one for assistance.  Two   one  one will assist you with requests    including temporary shelter through the American Red Cross.       Again, that number is   two     one     one.  Please pass this important message along to your neighbors who may not receive this message.     Again, Snohomish County considers the landslide as unpredictable and dangerous and asks you to consider the safety of your family and neighbors.  This has been a message from the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management,  in conjunction with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Index Fire”