New Website Coming...

Dear Friends,
There are now enough issues with the website that we need to do a major upgrade.  The current website has served us pretty well for the last five years with an up time of over 99%.

I'll be working on creating a new website over the next month and hope to have something released in beta form by April 1.

I'm interested in hearing what people think are the biggest problems with the existing website.

I've already got the following changes suggested by users:

- Jim Blair (et al.) wants to be able to post using plain text instead of rich text so he doesn't need to use his cellphone to start a comment.
- Daniel Lahey has mentioned that the site is not W3C compliant nor accessible for the blind/disabled (508 compliant).
- Numerous people want to be able to manage subscriptions so that they can sign up or decline getting emails about new site content on their own.
- The web editor wants users to have their real names associated with their accounts, so that folks don't need to post their names with every comment.
- New account names would allow the web editor to mark certain accounts as "homeowners", which could be used to tally votes for important community input..
- Two people have suggested that the site should be more mobile/tablet friendly (media responsive).
- Some have suggested navigation that makes finding documents easier - bylaws, court documents, and financial documents in particular.
- It's been requested to reduce the number of categories for the forums area, so that it's easier to find content.
- Move the search area from below the navigation area on the lower left to the upper right sidebar to make it easier to find.

If anyone else has other ideas, please let me know.  Now is the time to discuss the requirements for the new site.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the development effort, I would gladly welcome help from those that have PHP, Drupal, SASS, Compass and GitHub experience.

Please feel free to forward this post to anyone who might care about website changes.

Thank you so much!


Terry I just got an email

Terry I just got an email saying my registration to the website was going to be cancelled. Can you explain? Thanks.


It has finally happened. Alert the media! All of MIR agrees on ONE thing: Terry ROCKS!!!  

Classified Ads

There used to be a classified section is that gone or am I not finding it?

Gayle George-Sackett

Website Suggestion

Terry and Lynne, With all the recent comments coming in, is there a way for my display to show the comments in either chronological, or reverse chronological, order? When I get the e-mail notification, I don't have a way to quickly know what I've read already without scanning dates and trying to matchup the time stamp with the e-mail times. Can take a bit of time to track down the comment. If this doesn't make any sense to you, you know how to track me down so I can provide better clarification.

Thank you for allocating the time to do this. Sorry that I don't have any programming expertise to offer. Lora Cox

Good job

Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to whatever you have in store for us. Thanks again. Thom

Thanks Terry

Thanks Terry