Economic Injury Disaster

I have been in contact with:
Mark Tobert
Emergency Management Division - Human Services Program Manager
He has been very accessible and helpful with any questions that I have asked.  His #1 request is to full out the form if you are a small business or self employed.  If you think that you live past the slide and think you may be affected, then I encourage you contact Mark or me to get a copy of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Form.  The more small businesses or self employed people that turn in a form the clearer our situation will be to Snohomish County and Washington State.  You are not obligated to take a loan, but it may help your fellow small businesses or self employed neighbors be eligible.  There needs to be at least 5 forms turned in for anyone to qualify for assistance.
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Hello my name is Julia Akin and I am a current board member.  I am looking at ways that MIRCC can manage the aftermath of the slides.  One question that has been posed to me is if any homes up past the slide are businesses or if any businesses are cut off from access?  We only need 5 to qualify as having an Economic Injury Disaster.  I know that Rentals count for this.  If you are an owner in any type of business please contact me at
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is it possible that PUD's study project for the proposed dam on the hill above the slide has contributed to the instability of the hill?

Possible, but . . .

Worth noting that the study site was not on the hill above the slide.

PUD testing

They were doing seismic testing with explosives in the test holes they drilled. It is certainly worth looking into.

No explosives were used

You've been given some mis-information. There were no explosives of any kind used at the recent drill sites. They were taking core samples. Just double checked with the drill contractor.


I agree that the pud work may have contributed to the slide. This should definitely be brought up with the pud and our attorney

Thank you

Thanks Julia for trying to find ways to pay for the mudslide that will ease the burden on property owners. CJ Holmes