Landslide continues at top of Sunset Falls

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Click here to read the GeoEngineers report - an evaluation of the landslide.

10:30am 2/22/2014: Road is completely impassable. It is very difficult to even walk past the slide area. Feel free to send in your road dues as early as you like! Use your amount from last year as a guideline... No need to wait for your bill:


PO Box 177

Index, WA  98256

4PM Tuesday 2/18: More mud has come down and has narrowed the road considerably; the road is approximately 75% blocked. It is barely passable in 4WD and more mud is coming down in this heavy rain. Anybody driving a vehicle east of the slide is at risk of not getting it back out if/when the road becomes 100% blocked.

8PM Saturday Feb. 15th - The road through the slide area is open.

10:30am Friday Feb. 14th - Mt. Index Road is closed at the slide today and our contractor is here and working.

11AM Feb. 13 - Warmer temperatures and rain have brought more mud and clay down. The road has one lane barely passable in 4WD at this time.

3:30PM Friday Jan. 31st: Road remains barely passable and only one lane. Stop! at top and bottom of switchbacks to safely allow only one car through at a time. The slide continues to come down; if you need to commute to work, healthcare, errands, etc. you should consider moving a vehicle west of the slide.

10:15am Thursday Jan. 30th: Road is getting very muddy in the rain with clay oozing from the side. It is just barely passable at this time. Drive very slowly and carefully through the slide area. It is one lane at this time.

2PM Wednesday January 29th: Road is open but deteriorating fast. If you need to commute to work, healthcare, errands, etc. you should consider moving your vehicle west of the slide. We are waiting for an engineer's report to help us plan our next steps in road repair. Stay tuned. LK

10PM Friday January 17: ROAD OPEN!

9AM Thursday January 16: Road remains closed 7am to 7pm. Emergency 4WD access may be possible overnight. PLEASE KEEP OUT SO CREWS CAN WORK.

11PM Wednesday January 15: Mt Index Road at the falls remains absolutely closed in the daytime while our contractor works. Before and after he works, there have been opportunities for cars to get through. Do so at your own risk, and preferably in a 4WD vehicle. This is expected for the rest of this week. If anybody is in need of a Rx pick up or medical supplies, please notify Tom Grenier or Mark Bollman (who are typically at either end of the job site) and they will get word to the volunteer board members who are helping out. LK

3PM Wednesday January 15: Road remains closed today while work continues to make road passable. LK

7:20PM Tuesday January 14th: Power restored!

6:20pm Tuesday January 14th: Power should be restored by 8PM tonight. ROAD REMAINS CLOSED. Work continues at dawn. Two geotech experts are coming out again tomorrow to assess stability of landslide and advise on roadwork. LK

8AM Tuesday January 14: ROAD CLOSED AT SUNSET FALLS TODAY. EMERGENCY ACCESS POSSIBLE TONIGHT. LK If you have not seen it yet, Scott Highland's drone camera captures superb video of the whole mess:

8:30PM Monday January 13: Mt Index River Road remains officially closed at the slide but several people got lucky and scooted out of here tonight behind the road contractor when he left at 5PM. (Good luck trying that going UPhill.) Cars continue to drive past the road closed signs and are getting stuck. This delays repairs and drives costs up. 

PUD crews will be on site at 9am to start laying a new line and new pole across the road from the slide. PUD spokesperson said they were cautiously optimistic that power would be restored by late Tuesday. LK

5PM Sunday January 12: Road remains closed and there is still no power east of the slide. Phone lines are working. KOMO4 has excellent coverage today. Crews continue to move massive amounts of debris and attempt to build a temporary road past the slide. Our first priority is access and getting PUD feeling safe enough to move their crews east of the slide to restore power to the stranded 80+ residents. The Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management has made arrangements for 911 access across the railroad tracks should anybody need to be evacuated for medical reasons. More crews and equipment are on site working every moment of daylight (and then some); it is imperative for your own safety that you stay out of the slide area.

7:30PM Saturday January 11: Road remains 100% closed as expanded crews continue to work. There is still no power east of the slide. The land moves suddenly and in massive amounts, so it is strongly advised for even pedestrians to stay away. Onlookers are very distracting to the crew and several large trees have come down very suddenly several times today. PLEASE STAY AWAY!


10PM Friday January 10th: Many more cubic yards of mud and debris and several large stumps have slid down across the road in the last 2 hours. The road is now barely passable in a small vehicle. More updates in the morning. LK

5PM Friday January 10: Road is open and electricity has been restored! Please drive carefully in the switchbacks and stay to the center of the road as much as possible. All the debris removal along with the rain has made for some very soft shoulders. Lynne Kelly

12:45PM Friday January 10: The landslide continues to move downhill and our contractor is working hard to keep the road clear enough to stay open. At least 3 more feet of mud and debris (about 100ft wide) crept onto the road this morning while he was working. As of right now, the road is open but delays should be expected due to the ongoing work.

PUD and Frontier crews have been in MIR since last night due to the wind bringing trees down onto lines in several places, unrelated to the slide. PUD has pulled their trucks out of here for the moment, due to the unstable nature of the slide and their concern for having trucks and crew trapped east of the slide. Telephone service has been restored but there is no power to homes past (east) of the area known as "the narrows", or at approximately lot B72, across from the tip of the peninsula. This slide is massive and unstable. Stay tuned. Lynne Kelly

11:14PM Thursday January 9: From the community beach parking at the base of Sunset Falls, it is very clear a lot of PUD trucks are hard at work in the middle of the slide area. It looks like a well-lit city up there on the hill, with more trucks than I could count The road is closed at the base of the falls. Properties east of the slide should expect power outages tonight, although power was still on as of 11:10pm. Look for updates between 10am and noon tomorrow (Friday). If there is no update, you can assume there is a widespread power outage both east and west of the slide. Stay tuned and be safe. Lynne Kelly

5PM Thursday January 9 - The landslide slid again! Last night the landslide south of Sunset Falls slid quite significantly again, including onto the road but did not block access. Several large trees are leaning toward the power lines. Today the MIR BOD searched for Road Closed signs and made calls to PUD, Frontier, and the land owner for several hours. As of 5pm this evening, a special 70' PUD boom truck and 3 additional PUD ladder trucks are on their way to MIR. We expect they will have to shut off the power for several hours when they get here. Stay tuned for more details, hopefully about 11pm tonight. We are working hard to keep everybody safe - please do not drive past any road closed signs if you see them; they were put up only after a great deal of consideration!  

7PM Sunday December 22: Last expected update for the landslide that happened 12/18. The road is clear of snow and debris and is entirely passable. The landowner of the lots that slid has expressed appreciation to MIR for saving the timber, as it is the only thing of value left of their property.

1:20PM Saturday December 21, 2013 - Widespread power outage at approximately 4pm yesterday (unrelated to MIR landslide) and originating in Gold Bar. Power restored at 10:48PM yesterday (Friday). Basic slide repair is done for now. The road is passable around the slide. We have had rain in between two snowfalls, (although not to a total of 6"), so it is very slick going. Our road liaison Tom Grenier decided nonetheless to have the switchbacks plowed. Tom Grenier also chained up his own vehicle and moved the stuck minivan more out of the road so it is safer to pass by it. If anybody knows who owns the minivan, please call Tom Grenier at 360-799-2363.

8:30PM Thursday evening 12/19/2013: Power has been restored to folks past the slide area. Work will continue early tomorrow morning.

11:30AM 12/19/2013 Thursday morning : Residents were allowed access past the slide last night and power was restored at 8:30PM. This morning at 6:30AM, power was out again. Crews are working hard removing fallen timber so that PUD can return (about 3PM today) to run a line through the slide and restore power. Access is currently denied so that this work can get done. If you have an urgent need to pass through, you should plan on a long wait until the crew takes a break to refuel and you might get through; it is their call and all about safety. A geologist and a road engineer will be on site tomorrow. Remember, the timber being set aside and moved off of the road belongs to the landowner and is not "up for grabs". Stay tuned...

10:30PM Wednesday December 18th update: Residents are being allowed to pass through the slide area. Work crews will continue tomorrow (Thursday); expect lengthy road closures. PUD is sending an engineer/geologist to assess the stability of the slide area. As tempting as free firewood is, the timber being cut belongs to the owners of the land above the slide: No touchy. 

LANDSLIDE INFO: 12/18/2013 Wednesday 10am: Yes, it is true, we have had another slide. Frontier, PUD, and our contractor Mark Hopkins and several board members have been on scene all day working hard. At the moment (3pm), passage is blocked due to very large trees being cut close to the road. DO NOT MOVE ROAD CLOSED SIGNS AND DRIVE UP THE SWITCHBACKS!! This is where the trees are being cut and where they are falling. Stay tuned for updates. PUD states that they will do everything they can to create a thoroughfare by dusk so folks can get home tonight. No promises. If you have an urgent need to know details, call Lynne Kelly at 360-793-2755 and I will do whatever I can to check and get back to you.

The first story from KOMO4: 

INDEX, Wash. - A mudslide across a remote rural roadway has closed off access to homes in an area south of Index, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office reports.

The mudslide was reported at about midnight Tuesday between the 50300 and 51500 blocks of the Mt. Index River Road. The slide blocked the road and knocked out power to some residents in the area.

All power was restored by 7 a.m., but the roadway remains blocked by debris from the slide. Emergency crews are at the scene. No injuries were reported.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office reports that residents in the area are "resilient" and "prepared for this kind of situation."



Is that a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing

"Road is completely impassable. It is very difficult to even walk past the slide area. Feel free to send in your road dues as early as you like! Use your amount from last year as a guideline... No need to wait for your bill:"

This is a joke, right? Adding insult to injury is not just ludicrous, but insulting.

Daniel Lahey

Daniel Lahey - Joke

The MIR board has zero dollars. Get the picture? That slide area may be cut off for many months. Consider moving. Or, you can come to the upcoming board meeting, and help us with more creative solutions. --Zan Oliphant, MIR BOD.

What hard work? Are you

What hard work? Are you kidding us? Have you heard one word from the President? I'm talking about Mark not BLK.

You said it

I am with you all the way on your statements. Just remember to put your first and last name in your message or it will be deleted.

Daniel Robert Lahey

Anybody know were Chelsie is?



You are accountable for what you write here. If your name is not attached to it, it will be deleted. Lynne Kelly

Any updates?

Are there any updates from the executive or emergency meeting / communication, etc?

I thought all posts w/o a first and last name would be deleted

Ms. Kelly, if you're going to delete posts without a first and last name in them, then why don't you delete the many, many messages that do not meet that criterion? One can only assume that what you really meant was that your requirement only applies to those messages of which you do not, PERSONALLY approve.

I would be more than happy to take over your responsibilities as webmaster. I have 20 years experience in the software industry and have developed and worked on numerous commercial websites. I can insure that the site meets W3C guidelines, making it more easily accessible, searchable, and stable.

Daniel Robert Lahey

Good Work Board Members!

To all the Board Members: Thank You for all the hard work you have done. I know there are going to be a lot of hard decision to make - I know you will do your best.
Thank You -
Shirley Heintz

MIRCC Board Members

I want to THANK the Board Members for the hard work they are doing to keep our road open and passable. Keep up the good work and I will be watching for updates each day. Thank you again!
Shirley Heintz

Roads are open

Ditto from me on handing out the congrats. Great work. Both site have proven to be helpful in an emergency.

Road status for Friday?

Wondering if folks can get through this weekend, in the evening or what have you, thanks, Appreciate the updates
dan cowan


The wood that remains is on private land and belongs to the respective property owner(s)

I find it interesting this is

I find it interesting this is item #666 on the MIR board.

Jim Blair

Timber theft

The landslide area IS being cleared of debris and timber by professionals. Taking something that does not belong to you is illegal. Selling stolen timber is also a crime. 
The entire board is in charge of MIR roads, not one person. As always, all MIR property owners - even those who have not paid their road assessments - are welcome to attend board meetings to find out what is going on and who is in charge.
Lynne Kelly

Timber is being taken

We need to clear the area of debris and timber. There are people right now that are ready willing and able to remove this timber. Are you prepared to stop them? The timber has slid to a common area. Why the big concern? Why are you making rules up as this evolves. Let them take the wood and stop telling us that the wood that is on private land should not be taken.

There is always somebody

There is always somebody ready and willing to take something that isn't theirs to make them money. I know the property owner has been contacted and was very thankful to still have the timber, Their property value just went to nothing and you want to take the only value they have left.  Thanks Lynne for looking out for another community member, hope your around if anything happens to my land.
The road is open and the debris and timber is on private property.