Community Stickers

Last year I recieved my car stickers in with the annual meeting letter but this year they weren't in there. Can someone tell me where I can get my new ones?

Community Stickers

Hello lilchit,
  I'm pretty sure we didn't get our stickers till our I.E. payment was made. 
Scott H

Community Stickers

The current stickers are still in effect until further notice. The board will be discussing whether to keep the program when the new board is in place. (June)
Anita S.

Thank you for clearing that

Thank you for clearing that up.   I really like the stickers,  Its nice when you see people here swimming and fishing at the beaches and you know their a property owner. And there new stickers so you know for sure. my neighbor has a bunch of the old stickers and would pass them out to his fishing buddies,
So I will be at the june meeting and vote for this.

Something to think about

If your neighbor is passing out his old stickers, do you think he will pass out his new stickers? I have ran into a few (more than 5) people that do not live in MIR but have stickers from people that do live here. So the sticker program is not a feasible program or a way of keeping people that don't belong here out.  
Have a Good Day

I appreciate your enthusiasm

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the program.  The communities opinion is welcomed at the board meetings but to be able to vote you need to be a board member.  We have openings on the board and would be glad to have you join.