Terms of Use and Rules of Civility

We have improved our website to foster better communication within our community.  Part of these improvements allow for the sharing of opinions with our neighbors and friends, helping us to enjoy the wonderful opportunities that surround us and the unique aspects that each of us bring to this incredible environment.

To keep our online community informed and continuing to have fun, however, requires that everyone pariticipate in certain guidelines of civility.  To that end, the Mt. Index Riversites Community Club guidelines herein apply to all sections of this website.

Our most important guideline is to offer what you have to say politely. From experience you know that shouting matches just make people angry and upset, so no one learns anything. Because people in our community come from very diverse backgrounds, you will probably find something with which you don’t agree, and that’s fine — so long as you disagree politely.

Before you post a comment or forum topic, please spend some time familiarizing yourself with current and past discussions to be sure you understand the topic, discussion and issues. That way you won’t waste time rehashing topics already discussed. When you are up to speed, then jump in.

Nobody enjoys a know-it-all.  So don’t try to be an expert unless you really are, and even then it might be better to let others decide that for themselves. Posting misleading or incorrect information slows down the conversation and is confusing. Even with the best intentions, however, mistakes happen, so re-read "number one guideline" above. No personal attacks.  No name calling.  No questioning a person's intelligence.

In any discussion, please don’t change the subject. If you want to discuss something else, then please just start a new discussion and see how many people are interested.

Remember that what you post to the site is available to everyone on the Internet.  Consequently, you shouldn't say anything about yourself that you don't want everyone to know. It’s a good idea to keep your personal information personal.

While we will not edit postings, we will remove those that are in violation of good standards or our own guidelines. These include, but are not limited to: defamatory or libelous attacks, copyright infringement, attempts to impersonate another, any obscene or sexual postings, or illegal behavior.

If you won’t play by the rules, we will suspend your account temporarily. If you still won’t play by the rules, we will make the suspension permanent. Please do not make us do that.

We also want to let you know that any opinions expressed on this website are not the opinion of the board.  Furthermore, the Yahoo! website OR the Facebook page for Mt. Index Riversites is in no way associated with this website or the MIRCC board.

Thank you, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our website.