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Update from Saturday May 10th Bridge Meeting


Special Assessments Thank you to those that have paid!


Email and Phone Number for all property owners

MIRCC is trying to update the records to include everyone’s email
address and phone #’s so that we can better communicate with the MIR community.
Please email your information to Melissa Bailey @ MJBailey69@gmail.com
Please include your name, address, phone number and email address.
Thank you!

Board Meeting June 7th

Our next board meeting will be at the Index Fire Station at 9am on Saturday, June 7th.


John Pennington of Snohomish County Emergency Management attended our April 19 MIR board meeting to help us understand what benefits we may qualify for. It still may be possible for owners, renters, and the community as a whole to get help. Mr. Pennington stressed to us that we should go to the FEMA website: http://www.disasterassistance.gov and log in and go through the processes outlined on the website.


Parking at landslide

Please do not park at the top of the first switch back. This area is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. If people park there, it could be a hindrance to emergency response and we will be forced to use barriers again. Tom Grenier

County Proclamation of Emergency



 Snohomish County Executive Office

John Lovick (425) 388-3460 County Executive FAX (425) 388-3434 MS #407 3000 Rockefeller Avenue Everett, WA 98201-4046


The next MIR board meeting will be Saturday June 7th at 9am at the Index Fire Station.

Important stuff

Please review the meeting minutes for information about what happened in a board meeting. Click on "Board Meetings" on the left navigation bar, and then choose "Minutes". 
All 12 board members are responsible for road maintenance (see bylaw 4.1). If you have questions or concerns about the road, please do not hesitate to come to a board meeting or contact a board member.
New rules:
1) Due to the confined space of our meeting room, and all the bodies we have to fit into it, please REFRAIN from wearing perfume and cologne to the meetings. Since flu season is not over yet, please also be very careful to cover your mouth and nose and basically keep all cooties to yourself - or even better, keep them at home.
2) Anonymous postings will be removed from this website. You are accountable for the information you post here. One exception: if you have a "Found" listing in the Lost & Found forum.

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