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Report on long term Power Friday Dec. 19, 2014

Continuing News!

PUD is evaluating options to bring power across the river above Sunset Falls.  PUD’s design engineers have identified several options for rerouting power across the river above the Sunset Falls slide.  There will be more onsite study conducted next week to evaluate  several  locations to determine the best single option. 

When we receive more information we will report via website postings. 


Power and PUD


The Executive Committee has been in constant communications with PUD on the issues of power the past few weeks. The following is what we can report.


Short Term

1. PUD will do their best to maintain power, as demonstrated by the restoration of power after the latest outage.

Long Term

1. PUD has had several high level meetings evaluating options for a long term solution to the issue of power.

2. PUD will be onsite on Thursday for a first hand observation of the situation, including Sunset Falls slide area and the access road from US-2 to the Canyon Falls bridge.

The Executive committee will keep in constant contact with PUD and pass any important information along to property owners. 


Next Board Meeting Jan. 3rd

 Next MIRCC Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Jan 3rd 9:00 am at the Index Fire Station.  Please join us for committee updates and budget status report.  See you then!



There have been a number of volunteers who have contributed to various work projects in the community this fall.  Their efforts have been significant, saved the community lots of dollars and contributed to our driving and lifestyle comfort.

Jim Derowitz has been filling potholes in E-section all fall, as needed, using his tractor to move material to the needed locations.

Greg Parks has hand shoveled material into his pickup and then filled potholes on Alder Loop and the main road.

Jeff Smith has been coordinating with Snohomish County PUD to get a troublesome power pole moved out of the path of the landslide and to a safer location.  This is the pole that caused so many outages last winter.

Paul brought his portable welder to the gate location, raised the gate above snow level and strengthened the hinge design.  Hopefully we won’t have any more problems with a sagging and dragging gate.

Jay Karlstrom has been using Rex Harmon’s tractor to move material and fill potholes on the access road to E-section all summer and fall. 

A number of A-section folks have stepped up to help manage the road work and coordinate with the USFS in that area.

Many thanks to all those who are helping to make this season as safe and comfortable as possible!

Don’t be shy about helping out.  I see lots of culverts that need cleaning out and there will always be potholes.  If you have a talent you could lend to the community please let a board member know.

Submitted by Mark Haenlein

New Committee listing & contact information catagory

New category listed on the left side of the main website home page.

Committee listing for the Board of Directors, with an email address that when used will send an email to all members of that committee.

If you have questions concerning a particular subject please direct it to the appropriate committee.


Next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th at 9:00 a.m.


Next MIRCC Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th at 9:00 a.m. at the Index Fire Station.  Please join us for committee updates and budget status report.  See you then!

New Community Announcement Category

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 The first post is information for Heybrook Ridge County Park upcoming Public Meeting

A-Sec Road work on Wednesday Oct 29th

A-section residents should be happy to hear that grading and road work went well today and we are on our way back to having safe drivable roads. We will continue to work on our roads adding asphalt grindings and/or gravel as needed. All road work is being done as weather permits. Please help do your part by keeping your speed down. Slower speeds greatly increases the time it takes for pot holes and washboards to form.

Gary Hubbard
A-Sec Road Manager 

MIRCC Committees assigned

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS CONFIRMED -- In our continuing efforts to better serve the community and focus our volunteer efforts more efficiently the MIRCC Board of Directors has made the following committee assignments:


Mark Bollman, President

Earl Van Buskirk, Vice President

Mark Haenlein, Secretary

Phil Reichel, Treasurer


(Responsibilities:  Emergency Response, Snow Removal, Bridge Safety, Gate Keepers, Tow Truck)

Mark Haenlein, Committee Chair and Road Manager

Cameron Elias, Assistant Road Road Manager

Tom Grenier, Dave MacFarlane


Earl Van Buskirk, Chair

Mark Bollman, Mark Haenlein, Gary Johnson


(Responsibilities:  Emergency Response, Snow Removal, Tow Truck, McCall Creek)

Gary Hubbard, Patty Harbaugh, 

Mat Williams, CJ Holmes

USFS ROAD 6020  Lynne Kelly


Gary Johnson, Chair

Don Larsen, Mark Haenlein, Earl Van Buskirk


Phil Reichel, Chair

Julia Akin, Don Larsen


Julia Akin, Chair

Phil Reichel, Don Larsen


Julia Akin, CJ Holmes

We look forward to hearing from you if you have ideas or suggestions a specific committee should consider.  Thank you for your input!

Respectfully Submitted by

Mark Bollman


MIRCC President


President Mark Bollman's email to A-sec owners

Greetings A-section Neighbors:
Thank you to everyone who attended the focus group meeting last weekend.  As I mentioned on Saturday, the MIRCC Board of Directors asked me to appoint a four-person committee to focus on the road maintenance needs below Sunset Falls.  After careful consideration I've asked these four outstanding community members to work together with A-section owners and report back to the board with specific recommendations:
Gary Hubbard:  full-time resident, retired and living on the main road at beginning of community.
Patty Harbaugh:  non-resident and long-time board member from Loop Road.
CJ Holmes:  from Paytan Creek Road
Mat Williams:  from Sertz Road
I believe these four individuals represent a diverse cross-section of your community and I hope you will consider working closely with them if you have specific suggestions they should bring to the MIRCC Board of Directors to vote on. 
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