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The trail has been narrowed up today it is only 5’6” wide at the bottom entrance. Large rocks have been placed to narrow the trail.

Please respect the agreement MIRCC has with the landowners for the trial. Foot Traffic and ATV’s only, NO CARS  or TRUCKS. 



Friday was a day of celebration and a big day of construction!  

The nose of the Bridge touched down on the west side (slide side) of the river Friday late afternoon. 

As the remainder of the permanent sub-structure is built and attached on the east side and pushed over the river, sections of the 70’ light weight launch nose will be removed until the complete sub-structure is across the river. Then the bridge will be lowered a few feet onto the concrete abutments, this work is scheduled to be complete by next Tuesday afternoon.  

There is still much work to be accomplished after the bridge is in place and attached to the concrete abutments.  The steel-driving surface (decking) will be placed atop the sub-structure. All the cribbing and shoring that was necessary for the roller system must be removed.  A small amount of concrete will be poured on the top of the abutments to bring them square and even with the driving surface. Then the approaches will be built using eco-blocks and gravel, to connect the driving surface of the bridge to the roadway on both sides of the river.

The construction will enter into a time period similar to when the roller system was installed when it seemed like progress was very slow. We may all feel like “what is taking so long” but this is standard for this bridge type project.  

Currently anticipating completion between Aug. 8th and 16th


Canyon Falls Bridge update!

 Progress this week has proceeded ahead of schedule.   The nose of the bridge sub-structure should touch the west side (slide side) by Friday.  Still to come is  finishing the bridge structure  across the river, removal of temporary cribbing, decking and approaches. 

  Schedule currently anticipates completion between Aug. 8th and 16th.



Mr. David Faigin, owner of one of the properties that the trail passes through, has consulted his attorney and, because of repeated use of the trail by vehicles other than ATV’s and foot traffic, has notified MIR that he will be closing the trail to all ingress and egress. 

 The MIR board has taken the following actions to try and comply with Mr. Faigin’s wishes.

 -Started proceedings to remove a board member from the board who has violated the agreement by driving a truck on the trail.

 -Mark Hopkins will physically narrow the trail to a width to allow only ATVs to pass through.

 -This posting on the MIR website to alert all property owners to use the trail in a manner compliant  with the trail agreement we have with Mr. Faigin and to do all possible to encourage anybody encountered on the trail in a vehicle to leave immediately.




I received a  phone call from Dave Faigin about an hour ago. He is talking with his Attorney tomorrow about revoking the MIRCC license for use of the ATV Trail, because of people using the trail with cars and trucks. There is presently a truck stuck on the side of the trail up against a couple of trees, which is preventing it from sliding into the river. Dave said we have a Board member using the ATV trail in a black pick up. He thinks the damage to his land is going to be more than the $3000 we have approved to remove the trail. 

He wanted to know what steps the MIRCC Board was taking to act in accordance with our license to use the trail. I ensured Dave that there are on going discussions to remedy the issues of cars and trucks on the ATV trail. We are going to be faced with loosing our right to use the ATV trail if we talerate the use by cars and trucks. Dave asked me why we allowed a Board member to use the trail, in a truck.

WALL of FAME More new payers this week 77 non payers yet to pay, THANKS to All Who are paying for the Bridge!! Over 180 paying now!!

Brown, Nanette Elias, Cameron & Kim Price Killion, Phillip Roff, Gordon & Ellen
Akin, Adam & Julia Elliott, Timothy & Shawna Konecny, Mark & Cynthia Rogers, Robert
Alkire, Bud Elwood, Byron Krygier, Madeline Romaine, Boyd
Anderson, Michael Empress Holdings, LLC Kunkle, Timothy & Carrie Gann Rosendahl, Margaret
Angel, Alvaro & Amy Esch, Keith & Rebekah Lange, Thomas & Katharine Sargent, Jerry
Backman, Hollis & Daniel Cote Falk, Mary Gail Langford, Leonard Satterlee, Gary
Bailey, Melissa Farin, Federico & Lisa Lansing, Thomas & Deborah Schwartz, Robert & Karen
Barkey, Brady & Sheila Mattos Fisher, Steven Larsen, Donald Shannon, Scott
Barton, Rhonda Gablehouse, John Link, Glenn Wayne Sharf, John & Maria Kay
Batch, Gary & Linda Glaefke, Joseph Link, James Shearer, David & Kalee
Batrack, George Graber, Gary Macfarlane, David Shultz, Anita
Baumgartner, Tammy Sue Gragg, Don Maki, Jeffrey & Debbie Sims, Ron & Cheryl
Beidler, Michael Grenier, Tom Malcolm, Emily and Robert Singh, Bridget
Belson, Marc Haenlein, Mark & Bronwyn Manley, Dewey & Kathleen Smith, Jeffrey
Bement, Jerald & Barbara Hall, Rodney Manley, Dewey & Restu Smith, Jerry & Judith
Bengston, Donald & Gail Haltom, William Marquis, Kainoa Smith, Tracy
Bergstrom, Jim Hanson, Kate Martin, Ryan Sno Public Utility Dist 1 Sno Co
Blair, James & Charlotte Harb, Easa & Paula McCale, Donald Sorkness, Ronald & Lidia
Bollman, Mark Harb, Maher McCollough, Steven Speed, Clarke & Leslie
Borisov, Boris Dimitrov Harrison, Dan McFadden, John Spoerl, Peter & Monica
Botts, Rose Haslam, Carl McGann, Martin Stehl, William
Bouldron, Jenifer Heintz, Robert McGarvey, Iven Stengrund, John & Lori
Boullioun, Thomas Hendershot, Ronald McSmith, Edward & Randall Stone, Joan
Brassfield, Christopher Herman, Mike Meng, Xiaozhen & Liu Zhiping Strimple, Adrain
Bretz, Robert Herron, Cody Monsey, John Strong(Sass), Andrea & Guy
Brickey, Maria Hery, Cyril Paul Moorcroft, Julian Sunset Falls LLC
Burgess, Craig & Hilde Borgir Highland, Scott Rossi Moore, Scott Sutton, Craig & Robin
Burgess, Yvonne Higley, John Moulaison, Edward Taylor, Dennis
Byrne, Brian & Carolyn Hill, Elizabeth Mount Index LLC Thompson Enterprises
Campbell, James Hohlbein, David & Visala Mount Index Riversites Traub, Pal
Carter, Steven & Ann Huckleberry Hideout, LLC Mountainside Holdings LLC Van Buskirk, Earl
Chappelle, Nathaniel & Elizabeth Hustler, Dale Myrick, Geordie & Beverly Vandine, Jeffery
Coman, William & Sherry Hutchison, Patrick Nash, Michael Villalon, Cruz
Cowan, Daniel Jakubal, Mikal Nishimura, Stephen & Joyce (Trust) Wallace, Byron
Crofoot, Noah and Grace James, Patrick Nishimura, William & Gayle Way, Louise
Cropper, Gary Johnson, Gary & Karen Ko Ogren, Danton Wegeleben, Steve
Culver, Ray Johnson, Jason Orloff, Penny Weith, Victor & Margaret
Curtis, Derek Johnson, Kristian Osenbrock, Scott Westguard, Robert & Deborah
Dale, Barry & Lorraine Jones, Jeffrey & Marie Paglia, Stephanie Whittington, Dale
Deardorff, Paul Juarez, Francisco Pampoukas, Anastasia Williams, Shelley
Derowitsch, Jim & Elaine Kaivola, Mary 1 Park, PalmerJames Willis, Lee & Rick Hermann
Dicus, Morgan Keil, Susan Peterson, Leslie & Susan Bell Woodworth, Robert & Setsuko
Dievendorf, Terry A Keith, Benjamin Potts, Jeanine Zejdlik, Casey & Elliott Boone
Dudley, Eric Kelley, Jeremy Pumel, Shaun  
Duffy, Keith & Linda-Jo Kersten, Jocelyn Reichel, Philip & Kathy Shrauner  
Dumas, Douglas Ketchum, Richard Ridge, Linda


Eide, Noel Killion, Bill Ritenour, Ronald  


 Payments posted as of 7/18



Roberts, Jenscena





Canyon Falls Bridge Progress Report

The elaborate roller system being constructed to "launch" the bridge is taking longer than scheduled.  Abutment construction was completed ahead of schedule and under budget but now the schedule is about 4 days behind, not unusual in a project of this type.  The contractor hopes to make time up in the bridge assembly and launching phase.  Best estimate of completion date is now toward the end of the first week of August.
We now have 70% of owners paid or making payments on their assessments and we hope as bridge completion date approaches more owners will start paying, allowing them access to the bridge.  79 owners have not made any payment toward their assessments.  THANK YOU! to the 170 owners who are paying for the Canyon Falls Bridge!

July 5th meeting minutes



Highlights of July 5th Board meeting


Bridge construction is on schedule, concrete abutments are in place, and all the bridge parts are on site. An elaborate roller system will be constructed the week of July 7th. The schedule is to start rolling out the bridge the week of July 14th. If the roller system construction is easily completed we should remain on schedule for a completion date on August 1st, but as with many building projects, unknowns could arises which can delay the schedule.  

The three motions below were unanimously past by the Board, after being presented by the Executive Committee.

1.“Move to mail the gate code to only the property owners in Blocks B, C and E who are Members In Good Standing.” 

2.“Move to mail the gate code to property owners in Blocks B, C, and E who were paid up through 4/30/14 and are making minimum $50/month payments for 2014-15 regular & special assessments.” 

3.“Move to mail the gate code to property owners in Blocks B, C, and E who are delinquent on assessments prior to 2014 but making minimum $50/month payments on that balance, in addition to $50/month towards the current year (total $100/month).” 

$50 per month payers pay $1.66 per day. $100 per month payers pay $3.33 per day. Certainly very fair for everyone!

It was reported by Tom Grenier that the cost to place new Asphalt Grindings between the first arch and Bridal Veil Creek Bridge would be about $15,000.  No further action was taken at the present time.  


It was decided that Gravel and Asphalt Grindings would be brought in this month. A Volunteer group will be organized for pothole filling on the road from SR-2 to the base of Sunset Falls. 


Complete minutes and financials will be post within a few days. 




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